Maintenance and timely repair are the key aspects for property owners to ensure durability and endurance of the building structure and other assets. Garage doors are one of the valuable investments for a property and therefore needs timely maintenance and repair for having longevity. Property owners can learn and understand the different aspects of garage door repair and maintenance at Garage Door Repair Kent. For over two decades we have been helping our clients get the best garage door repair and replacement options in order to enable them to have problem free garage door usage.

Garage Door Repair

A good amount of garage doors have been repaired in the Kent area by Garage Door Repair Kent. We provide 24/7 garage door services for the welfare of our clients. We can repair and replace garage door parts like openers, rollers, springs, drums, panels and any other garage door parts.

Residential Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Kent is one of the best options to resort to for residential property owners looking to keep their garage doors in good working condition for a long time. The heavy nature of work that the garage doors have to go through, dirt accumulation or wear and tear, they can start creating problems during operation. Regular maintenance and lubrication can enhance the life of the garage doors to a great deal. The team of experts from our Garage Door Repair Kent is capable of handling all the repair, replacement and servicing needs of garage doors with great perfection to provide convenient usage for a long time and also save a lot of money with extremely competitive pricing. Call us at the earliest to get the best of the garage door repair services to prevent the further damage of your garage door.

Your garage door issues could be caused by one of the following things:

  • Broken torsion or expansion springs
  • Tangled cables
  • Worn out rollers
  • Dirty sensors
  • Burned out motors
  • Dead remote control batteries
  • Inoperative switches or buttons

These are but a few of the problems that might be happening with your door, and the more you ignore the problem, the worse it’s going to get over time.

It’s estimated that between 20,000 to 30,000 people go to the hospital room each year for garage door-related injuries. You don’t want to become a statistic, nor do you want any of the people in your life to be part of that number as well. Garage Door Repair Kent WA encourages you not to force stuck doors.

The trained professionals at Garage Door Repair Kent WA are here to help you get to pass your garage door issues as well. We know that garage doors go down when you least expect them to, and it usually happens at the worst time.

When we try to repair things first before replacing them, we will always check with you before changing course and will keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.

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Expert Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Roller Repair

garage door roller repairBroken, bent, or worn-out garage door rollers are not your friend. Furthermore no matter the material used to make rollers.  Normal wear and tear will cause them to give out. As a result rollers will require replacement.

Ensuring safety of the business premises and warehouses is one of the most critical aspects for a business owner. Securing the commercial property becomes very critical for the optimal functioning of the business. The commercial garage doors are the most preferred options of safety. It is very vital to have regular maintenance done for the commercial garage doors to have a trouble free operation. Our commercial garage door repair services in Kent can be of great help for the commercial property owners to get their garage doors repaired at the right time to avoid further damages. We also provide garage door accessories such as garage door springs, door cables, safety chains, door openers at our store and also extend repair services for all the hardware and accessories.
Property owners can reach Garage Door Repair Kent office to get the best recommendation of steel commercial garage door for new installation and repair services at extremely affordable costs. Enjoy long term durability of garage doors with our timely maintenance and repair services.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

Most garage door owners use the sensors and install them on the garage doors for ease of operation. It ensures safety and security during garage door operation. But the malfunctioning of the sensors can cause serious discomfort to the property owners. The sensors can malfunction on account of dirt accumulation in the sensor eyes, breakage of sensor eyes, wiring problems, wear and tear, garage door motor or opener problems etc. It is however, extremely difficult to assess the actual problem causing malfunctioning of the garage door without having the required training and expertise. This is where the team of experts from our Garage Door Repair Kent would be helpful.
A broken or damaged garage door sensor can be extremely discomforting for the garage door operation. It will render the garage door stuck in between while opening or closing process, drop down with a bang after opening etc. The user would have to go through lot of trouble holding the wall button to close or open the garage door. The technicians from our company can fix the problem with great ease and bring back the sensors to normal functioning for smooth operation.

garage door sensor repairGarage door sensors are an important asset to the garage door system. The sensors alert the opener when there is an obstruction. As a result  the door will stop and change direction.

Garage Door Panel Repair

The garage door panels can start showing problems on account of malfunctioning of the garage door brackets. The panels can have a bend or crunch causing stoppage of the garage door while usage. The garage door can stuck on the tracks on account of problems with the door panels. The technicians from Garage Door Repair Company in Kent would be able to address the issue with perfection. The problem if attended at an early stage can help save a lot of money required for the replacement of the garage door on further damage. By hiring the maintenance and repair services of Garage Door Repair Kent, property owners will be able to get the best recommendation of service and replacement for longevity of garage doors. The technicians will be able to identify the right problem and provide the right fix to avoid complications in the future. They would do proper lubrication to the brackets and door panel for avoiding further damage.
The garage door panels can have problems on account of problems with the garage door torsion springs or the garage door cables. The problems with these associate parts of the garage door put lot of strain on the hinges holding the garage door panels together and thereby resulting in breakage or bending of panels. It is hard to estimate the occurrence of these problems. The only solution to property owners for avoiding these complications are the regular maintenance and repairs. The timely maintenance and garage door panel repair services offered by our company can help enhance the life span of garage door springs and cables. We provide access to all the necessary parts and equipment’s for repair and replacement of garage door panels. We ensure providing the highest quality of service to bring back the garage door to normal functioning at extremely affordable costs.
garage door panel repairGarage door panels allow your garage door to roll up and down instead of fold up and down, which requires a greater clearance. Panels are damaged due to:

  • Abuse,
  • Wear and tear
  • Accidents
  • Extreme weather conditons
  • Prolonged sun exposure

When damaged garage door panels can look horrendous. Consequently panels become an even bigger problem in the future. A expert technician will replace garage door panels provided they’re still in stock with the manufacturer. Contact us for details!