Garage Door Repair Services

When was Garage Door Repair Kent founded?

Garage Door Repair Kent has been working in the area for many years now. This company is one of the oldest companies in the area and has an immense amount of experience. We continue to provide excellent service for our customers and ensure that your garage door is working properly.

What kind of garage doors do you work on?

We work on residential and commercial garage doors, parts, and service. We can fully install and service everything for you.

Do you have full time employees?

Garage Door Repair Kent has full time technicians to come service and install doors and we never subcontract out our technicians. Every employee that we hire can service, install and/or repair any garage door system both commercial and residential.

How do I make a decision about my garage door?

Every homeowner is different and has an array of needs for a new garage door. There are many different factors that determine your search like desired styles, the level of care and maintenance required, the energy efficiency and the location of the garage in one’s home. Here are some step that we came up with in order to help you pick the best garage door for you home or business:
1. Determine the material that best suits the care and maintenance that you desire.
2. Be sure to pick a garage door that compliments the home or business including window, color, and decorative hardware options.
3. Determine the energy efficiency level and noise reducing qualities that best suits your needs depending on th4e size of the house.

Is it possible for my neighbor’s remote control to open my garage door?

You have to find out if your garage door opener has rolling-code technology, which changes the access codes each time the opener is used to prevent code grabbing. Second, make sure to change the manufacturer;s standard access codes on the opener and remote control. Finally, you should consider investing in a newer model with more safety and security features that are now standard. If this does not work, then most likely you will need a new garage door opener.

If I have more questions or I want to learn more about your services, how can I get a hold of you?

There are many ways you can a hold of us. We have a 24/7 phone line that you call-425-903-3145. Also, we have a contact form on our contact us page. Fill it out and we will respond to your email at our earliest convenience. We appreciate all comments and feedback that relate to our business.